If you are new to eating cannabis, it’s important to understand that it’s effects are very different than smoking cannabis:

When you smoke cannabis, THC-A is converted to Delta-9 THC, a fast acting psychoactive compound.  When you eat cannabis, THC-A is converted to Delta-11 THC, a much stronger and longer lasting compound. This is just one reason why eating cannabis is so different than smoking cannabis and why edibles are so great! Yumm!

Smoking vs. Eating
On-set Time:
Smoking: Immediate
Eating: 20 to 90 minutes

Effect Duration:
Smoking: 30 to 90 minutes
Eating: 3 to 6 hours, or more
Be Prepared
✰ A high tolerance for smoking does not equate to a high tolerance for edibles.

✰ Edible potency is calculated in mg of THC and CBD.

✰ There is not a "normal" potency level. Each person is unique (yay, you!) in the way they react to cannabis.

✰ Plan your time accordingly. If you do not have time to be high for a few hours, wait until you have the time to enjoy your edible.
Be Smart
✰ Start low, start slow. elbe’s recommends trying 5 to 10 mg for your first experience.

✰ Not feeling it enough? Wait at least 2 hours before you eat more edibles.

✰ If you decide to eat more, do so in small amounts - ie. try another 5 to 10 mg.

✰ Remember, edibles are not for munchies. Have some non-cannabis food on hand.
Be Safe
✰ Do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

✰ Do not attempt to leap tall buildings.

✰ Do not mix with alcohol.

✰ Keep out of reach of children and pets.

✰ Remember, you might not be as funny as you think you are.
Be Well
✰ Keep cannabis products in a safe and secure place at all times. These products are not intended for children or pets.

✰ elbe’s fresh food edibles need to be kept in a refrigerator or freezer.

✰ Have fun. Do good deeds. Be Awesome.
Too High?
Discomfort is no fun, but it will pass with time.

Don't panic.

Drink water.

Perhaps take a nap.

Find your happy place, be it music, movies, cartoons or video games.

Ask for help if you need it.

Don’t do anything dangerous.


Legal Disclaimer
A friendly note from an attorney asking you to use common sense:

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You are encouraged to use good judgment when applying the information contained herein, and to seek advice from a qualified professional if, and as, needed.
The information and guidelines contained here are intended to encourage and support responsible use of Cannabis.
As always, in the event of a medical or other emergency, call 911 immediately.
Possessing cannabis is illegal under federal laws and may not be legal in some jurisdictions. We do not advocate breaking the law.