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* all edibles are made with elbe’s premium, single-source, full-spectrum, cannabis-infused cannabutter *

  • elbes 5mg Hard Candy

    5mg Cannabutter Hard Candy: Salty Caramel & Cold Brew Coffee

    • ~5 mg THC / candy ~50 mg THC / container

    Our delicious full-spectrum cannabutter hard candy is available again!  Perfect for micro-dosing by itself or dropping into your iced or hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate to elevate your experience.

  • elbes 15mg Cakeballs

    15mg Cannabutter Cakeballs: Chai, Lemon, Triple Chocolate and Orange Dreamsicle

    • ~15 mg THC / cakeball ~45 mg THC / container

    Some say elbe's full-spectrum cannabutter cakeballs are the perfect bite. Chai with it's perfect blend of spices, Lemon packed perfectly with real lemon juice and lemon zest, Triple Chocolate with it's perfect layers of chocolate, and Orange Dreamsicle with the perfect balance of vanilla with real orange juice and orange zest.  Available in single and three packs.

  • elbes 50mg CakeBombs

    50mg Cannabutter CakeBombs: Berry, Chocolate and Birthday Cake

    • ~50 mg THC / cakebomb ~50 mg THC / container

    elbe's CakeBombs and packed with flavor and 50mg of our premium, full-spectrum, cannabis-infused cannabutter.  Slightly larger in size than elbe's cakeballs, they are perfect to share or have by yourself if you need the larger dose.  Berry is a sweet mix of real raspberries and blackberries with a vanilla coating. Choclate is a decadent dark chocolate bomb and Birthday Cake is that perfect mix for celebrating any occasion.

  • elbes 50mg Cookies

    50mg Cannabutter Cookies: Snickerdoodle and Lemondoodle

    • ~50 mg THC / cookie ~50 mg THC / container

    elbe's 50mg Cannabutter "Doodle" Cookies are a soft and delicious way to consume. The Snickerdoodle is a classic cookie with a twist, and the Lemondoodle is packed with real lemon juice and lemon zest.  Both are said to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Perfect to share or have for yourself if you need the higher dose.

  • elbe’s Premium, Single-Source, Full-Spectrum Cannabutter

    elbe's single-source, full-spectrum, cannabis-infused cannabutter is just one of the premium ingredients that make our edibles so delicious, potent and long lasting. We make our cannabutter in-house and source our cannabis buds and sugar leaf from award winning, craft cannabis producer DogHouse so that we have complete confidence over the quality and consistency of our cannabutter and our edibles.

    *cannabutter is not for sale

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